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\"img_0039\"In the last 40 years, the use and development of dental implants has made the biggest advancements in dentistry. Implants are compatible with the human body and are made up of titanium and other materials. They are surgically positioned in the upper or lower jaw bone below your gums. Once they are placed and healed, they function as a sturdy anchor to replace a single tooth or many teeth.

For most patients that are in need of dental implants, they serve as an anchor for dentures and other prosthesis that would otherwise not stay in place. When replacing a single tooth, an implant can help save the adjacent teeth not needing any restoration.

There are typically three steps to the implant process:

  • First, is the surgical placement into the bone.
  • The healing process is where the bone heals around the implant, and it can generally take several months before teeth can be attached to the implant. The process is called osseointegration and is what makes the implant stay in place and become so strong.
  • Lastly, the replacement of the missing tooth/teeth. This is where the crown, bridge or denture are made specifically made for your teeth/mouth and then placed.

\"img_0040\"Most cases the implant process can take about four months to complete. Some cases require additional steps like bone grafting or a sinus lift that can add to the timeline. Other patients may have the option to have the implants and replacement teeth placed all in one visit. This option is called “All-on-4 Dentures” and is for patients that are needing to replace all of their teeth at one time.

If you are interested in a dental implant or you have some other questions, please contact us! We offer free consultations and are happy to go over all of your options.