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If your tooth has been traumatized by an accident, experienced an abscess, or has a very large cavity – then it may need a root canal.

Keeping You Comfortable

We understand that getting a root canal can be scary. “You know how everyone always hears nightmares from everyone else,” says Dr. Jeff, “but most of our patients usually tell us how easy it was once the process is over.”

To help you relax, we offer complimentary sedation for any procedure. You can also choose between oral sedation or IV sedation with an anesthetist here in our office, so that you don’t have to be aware of anything going on.

In most cases, a bit of sedation and getting your tooth very numb is all that our patients need to get them through the slightly longer visit.

What Are We Doing?

First, we drill a little hole at the top of the tooth, accessing the hollow chamber inside. This allows us to see the different canals, so that Dr. Jeff can clean them with a small file. It feels a bit “different,” but should not hurt. Then the chambers are filled, and we place a crown over the tooth. It’s a lot easier than you would think! Afterward, it is normal to feel a bit tender – but your tooth shouldn’t be sensitive to cold or hot anymore.

You may need endodontic treatment if you experience:

  • Severe pain or sensitivity to certain temperatures or types of foods
  • Abscesses (“pimples”) on the gumline near your tooth
  • Cavities that extend into the nerve chamber
  • Large fractures
  • Darkening of your tooth enamel, years after a traumatic injury

Dr. Jeff can perform a series of tests on your tooth to find out if the nerve is damaged or no longer vital. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call our Ogden office right away.


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