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When taking kids to their necessary dental visits, parents play a crucial role in making it a good experience. More often than not, kids perceive dental visits to be scary and painful. This can be attributed to what they hear from media and people around them. It is important to establish a positive dental experience to last a lifetime.

Here are some tips to help get your kids excited about the dentist

Start Young

It’s important to familiarize your children with check-ups and let them know that it is necessary to visit the dentist regularly. We usually recommend starting exams around the age of three, but they are welcomed earlier if there is need to be concerned. Practice good oral hygiene at home and start brushing their teeth as soon as they come in.

Keep It Positive

When you talk about your dental experiences, try not to use negative or scary terms. If you as a parent/adult has had a bad experience, it will most likely be passed on to other members of your family. Describe the dentist as someone who can help keep their teeth healthy, strong and smiling. Avoid using words that are scary: needles, pain, shot, etc. Also, keep your descriptions simple.

Practice Visit

Set up a fun practice visit with your dental office. Have your child go for a ride in the chair, get a new toothbrush, and even pick out a prize.

These tips can help your kids have smiles instead of tears at their dental visits. Let us know if you have any additional questions on what you can do to help your children have a positive dental experience.

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